HKFA Youth Elite Program – 1st Academy Physical Performance Lead Coach Workshop and 1st Academy Goal


The 1st Academy Physical Performance Lead Coach Workshop and 1st Academy Goalkeeping Lead Coach Workshop under the HKFA Youth Elite Program has been conducted on 30th October, 2022 (Sunday) and 20th November, 2022 (Sunday) respectively. Academy Physical Performance Lead Coaches, Academy Goalkeeping Lead coaches and representatives from 13 accredited clubs have attended the workshops for knowledge sharing in the elite youth players' development.

From both theory and practical session in the workshop, our coaches took the opportunity to learn from each other and shared the coaching experience to their fellows in the field, to work together in developing our Elite Youth players in Hong Kong in long run.


Mr. Mathew Pears, the 1st Academy Physical Performance Lead Coach Workshop Instructor declared that “this workshop is a huge step forward in the development of Hong Kong football players. It's the first time we have had all clubs with appointed specialists in the role of Physical development and its shows the intention we have here in Hong Kong to drive forward our learning and support to our young players in their physical development”.

'There was a lot of theory but its ever so important to understand the whys behind all aspects of what we do, and what we want to achieve. Coaches were active, enthusiastic and there is a lot of talented practitioners in Hong Kong that are hungry to learn”

“This is just the beginning of an exciting period of growth for youth football in Hong Kong”

“I was delighted to conduct the 1st Academy Goalkeeping Lead Coach Workshop for HKFA Youth Elite accredited clubs. This workshop was conducted in a study-group format, gathering all the Academy Goalkeeping Lead Coaches to share their thoughts and opinions for future development of Hong Kong Goalkeepers, so as to work together towards the same goal in developing outstanding goalkeepers for Hong Kong.” Coach Instructor Mr. Lai Pak Yung revealed.

“During the workshop, all the participants were really active, and willing to share valuable opinions. It inspires us to formulate strategies for nurturing excellent goalkeepers for Hong Kong.” Mr. Lai added.

Hong Kong Football Association is looking forward to organizing more courses or workshops for the elite youth coaches in the future, in order to enhance the interactions and learning opportunities among our coaches for elite youth players' development.