2022-23 BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League - HKFC 2:1 HK U23


HKFC entertained HK U23 in HK Football Club Ground on Sunday afternoon for the second BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League clash of the day. A late goal by Leonardo Peres sealed all three points for HKFC, as the home side clinched a 2:1 win over the visiting HK U23.

HKFC was the more aggressive side early in the game and duly opened the score on the 8th minute. Siu Ka-ming launched a corner-kick for HKFC from the right side. The ball somehow sailed through all bodies near the goal-mouth and bent into the HK U23 net. HKFC took the lead in a rather unexpected manner.

Afterwards, HK U23 tried to answer back and came up with a half decent chance, as Tang In-chim unleashed a long drive that was easily handled by HKFC goalkeeper Frederick Toomer.

A few moments later, it was HK U23 once again. Law Hiu-chung picked up the ball near the top of the box from Yuen Sai-kit, then drove a dangerous shot straight towards the HKFC net. Unfortunately for the visiting HK U23, Law’s shot went missing on the intended target.

HK U23 managed to tie the game on the 19th minute. Yuen Sai-kit’s strike rung off the HKFC crossbar and stayed out of the net. However, Derek Leung alertly pounced on the rebound and fired the ball home. HK U23 was back in the game and the score was now squared at 1:1.

HKFC tried to re-establish its lead and nearly did so. On the 26th minute, Raphael Merkies picked up the ball on the left wing, then cut towards the middle and pulled the trigger. However, HK U23 goalkeeper Pong Cheuk-hei managed to be in good position to pull out a solid save.

The home side produced an even better scoring chance a few minutes later, as Martin Fray connected with a Siu Ka-ming corner-kick delivery and sent a leaping header towards the HK U23 net. Unfortunately for the home side, the ball rung off the woodwork and stayed out of the HK U23 goal.

The first half eventually ended with a 1:1 score.

HKFC had successive chances early in the second half to regain its lead, yet shots from Jean Maciel and Leonardo Peres from inside the HK U23 penalty area failed to enter the back of the net.

HK U23 also generated a solid scoring chance on the 65th minute. Young Lee Lok-him seized the opportunity and floated a teasing cross from the right flank. Veteran Law Hiu-chung fought off pressure from the HKFC defense and unloaded away, only to fire the ball off target.

It was back to HKFC’s turn on the 75th minute. Goalkeeper Frederick Toomer sent a long kick straight up the pitch. Leonardo Peres headed the ball onwards. Antoine Sahaghian unleashed a ferocious drive but could not beat HK U23 goalkeeper Pong Cheuk-hei with his effort.

On the other end, HK U23’s Chan Yun-tung whipped a great cross towards the middle. Lee Hok-him was unmarked but sent his header wide off the HKFC goal.

On the 86th minute, HK U23’s Derek Leung tried his luck by smashing a free-kick straight towards the HKFC net, only to drill the ball over the woodwork.

Just when it looked like the game would settle in a draw, huge drama unfolded, as HKFC scored a late goal in stoppage time. Antoine Sahaghian delivered a dangerous cross towards the middle. Leonardo Peres connected with a timely header and sent the ball into the HK U23 net. The score was now 2:1 for HKFC.

Leonardo Peres’ late goal turned out to be the match-winner, as HKFC edged HK U23 by 2:1 and claimed all three points.


 HKFC 2:1 HK U23