FOOTBALL. ALL IN 2021 A Footballing Summer in the City in Mid-July


The Professional Footballers Association of Hong Kong (PFAHK) and the Hong Kong Football Association jointly announced today the launch of a tournament called “FOOTBALL.ALL IN CHALLENGE 2021”, across multiple sports venues in Hong Kong on July 17-18.  

Despite the pandemic in Hong Kong is showing signs of easing in recent months, it is still affecting much of our daily lives in general. Football, amongst other industries, is also affected heavily by the pandemic. It has been a while since any football matches at amateur level or youth level are being organized and as such, we decided to organize this unprecedented match for all local citizens, hoping that everyone can relax and enjoy the beautiful games, unite football communities in the fight against the pandemic. At the same time, helping the football players through their participation of the event.

The event is fully supported by Home Affairs Bureau and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, which aims to continue promoting football as a sport and demonstrate its benefits to the wider public. The International Social Service Hong Kong Branch is the beneficiary organization of the football challenge and will oversee distribution of the funds raised. Registration for the event is now open and all are welcomed. All fund raised from the event after all expenses will goes toward helping football players via the International Social Service Hong Kong Branch. 

"We are very grateful to all people who have been actively cooperating in this large-scale event and dedicating their time and energy to promote the development of local football industry,” said Mr. Paul J Kam, Joint Convener of Professional Footballers Association of Hong Kong. “Having not able to play football in the park for many months, this will be a tournament to enjoy, have fun and at the same time, help us to raise money to help our footballers through difficult times.

Mr. Chan Chi Hong, Joint Convener of Professional Footballers Association of Hong Kong and Director of Hong Kong Football Association, commented: "The pandemic has affected many people in different industries. We hope the public can support our local football industry by participating in this event and, most importantly, support our football players. We would like to thank the government, the Hong Kong Football Association, and different companies and the public for their support. Please sign up for this competition, All In for Football!"

"The Hong Kong Football Association fully supports this important event. It is not easy to hold a national football match at such a scale under the current circumstances. Special thanks to Mr. Chan Chi Hong, Mr. Paul J Kam and their teams for organizing this event in such a short period of time! I hope everyone can support!" said Mr. Pui Kwan Kay, Chairman of Hong Kong Football Association.

"We are pleased to become the beneficiary of the event and have set up a "Football Players Anti-epidemic Fund" for this event. We hope the fund raised will provide a one-time cash assistance to local football players affected by the epidemic. Please sign up to support the event and donate to the "Football Players Anti-epidemic Fund". Your support and the donations are much appreciated by all football players." said Mr. Stephen Yau, Chief Executive of International Social Service, Hong Kong Branch.

Event details

The two-day local football event is divided into seven groups: Corporates; Senior (Men) – 45 years or above; Open (Men & Women); U18 (Men); U16 (Men); and U14 (Men). All age groups are covered. The organizers predict that there will be as many as 404 participating teams, and the overall number of participants may reach 4,000.


17-18 July 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)


Victoria Park (Hong Kong), Morse Park (Kowloon), Po Tsui Park (NT), Jockey Club HKFA Football Training Centre (NT)


  • For 7-a-side (up to 14 members per team) – Victoria Park and Jockey Club HKFA Football Training Centre
  • For 5-a-side (up to 10 members per team) – Morse Park and Po Tsui Park


Each group will have its own group stage and knockout stage, with 3 to 4 teams in a single round robin, top two teams will be eligible to advance to the knockout stage.

Competing time (for all):

20 minutes per match, no half time


Link: (Deadline: July 11, 23:59 HKT)

Fundraising matters

All proceeds from fundraising will be deposited to a designated bank account for International Social Service, Hong Kong Branch. Among them, all registered professional football players who have been affected by the pandemic (from February 2020 to March 2021) can apply for funding from the Professional Footballers Association of Hong Kong. If the application is accepted, International Social Service is responsible for distributing funding to the applicants. In addition to fundraising for professional football players, the organisers hope to increase resources for International Social Service Hong Kong Branch through the event and provide more internship opportunities for college students.

The public and participants can actively support the event and donate to the following website:

For more details of the event, please visit