HKFA “GAIN PROGRAM” online course Helping Women’s national team players make continuous improvement


The pandemic that has hit Hong Kong in recent months and many football activities need to be postponed, yet the Hong Kong Football Association women’s football department has provided an online football program for the women's representative teams. The Hong Kong Football Association has organized the "GAIN PROGRAM" online football program from December 2020 to February 2021. This program helps the Hong Kong women's youth representative team players to maintain the mentality of learning football, enhance football-related knowledge, and prepare for resumption of exercises.

The online program consists of around fifteen sessions and covers four major themes: First, "Share the overseas playing and study experience". The overseas players share their life experience when they played or studied abroad, their difficulties and challenges they encountered, and how to face and solve them., training or match sharing and messages to young players etc. Second, "Physical fitness and performance", including improving physical performance, preventing injuries and maintaining a healthy body during the epidemic presented by Hong Kong Football Association Sports Science Manager Mr. Matthew Pears, at the same time, we invited Ms. Kate Yung, a physiotherapist who is currently studying a doctoral program in Australia to talk about the relationship between menstrual cycle and sports performance. Third, "Sports psychology", we will invite Sport & Performance Psychologist and Hong Kong’s elite athletes to talk about maintaining confidence & concentration and training hard behind the success. It is hoped that the youth team players can enhance self-confidence and inspired by the presenters. Fourth, "Tactical training" illuminate various functions and roles in different positions, thereby enhancing the players' football knowledge. These sessions will be conducted by Senior Women's Coaching Team。

Hong Kong Football Association Women's Football Manager Ms. Betty Wong mentioned: "We are all affected by the epidemic to varying degrees, and it has become part of our daily lives. Although we cannot go to the stadium for training and competition, we still hope that our team players will be able to continue to grow through this program, which will help them adapt to the changes brought about by the epidemic. In addition, this will give the players enlightenment, thereby enhancing a player's body and mind to continue thriving."