Kitchee winger Wellingsson De Souza earns BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League MVP honor (January, 2020


“Really? Is it really me?”

When informed that he has been named as the BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League MVP honor (January, 2020) co-chosen by the Hong Kong Football Association and the Hong Kong Sports Press Association, an initial disbelief flashed through Wellingsson De Souza’s face, but it was quickly replaced by a genuine, heart-melting, warm smile.

Having made three appearances for Kitchee in all competitions in January, Wellingsson De Souza bagged home four goals in the process, powering Kitchee to a 100% winning record in the month with some flashy on-field performances, earning the rightful honor of being named as the Hong Kong Premier League monthly MVP.

“It is my first season playing for Kitchee and I am merely doing my part, giving my 100% in training sessions while competing hard in every single match,” De Souza expressed.

“The team started somewhat slowly this season but things started to pick up at the end of 2019. All in all, I am extremely glad to be able to contribute my part, while helping Kitchee to challenge for various titles.”

Frist arriving Hong Kong a decade ago as a wide-eye teenager, the thirty year-old De Souza admits his football life has been far from easy. Yet the talented winger has learnt to deal with various challenges through a positive attitude, thus leading to a more mature and steady performance on the field.

“When I first arrived Hong Kong and played for South China, I did not receive too many opportunities, eventually packing my bags and returning home to Brazil,” De Souza recalled.

“However, I met Daniele there and then, who eventually became my wife. Daniele was giving me non-stop encouragements in life and after a while, I decided to come back to Hong Kong and give my football career another go.”

“Over the past few seasons, I ended up playing for various local clubs and generated some fabulous memories, scoring lots of goals and even made it to the Best XI lineup. Eventually, I signed on with Kitchee, giving me the genuine opportunity to challenge for different trophies. Looking back, maybe this is indeed the growth of my football career.”

The current public health situation has forced De Souza to be away from his loving family in Brazil. Talking about his loved ones, De Souza acknowledges all championship medals and honors pale in comparison to his young, lovely family.

“Despite being away from my wife Daniele and my daughter Yasmin, they are nevertheless the strength in my life. We talk to each other online pretty much every day, trying to catch up on different things as we miss each other badly,” said the soft-spoken De Souza.

“Back in my early days, I was just young and brash and did not know what is truly important in life. Ever since meeting Daniele, getting married and welcoming the arrival of Yasim, they have both become everything in my life, as well as the driving force behind all my motivations.”

“Even though my family are currently away from me at this moment, yet I am sure they are very proud of how I have battled and what I have accomplished.”