2019-2020 Jockey Club Women's League (2nd Div.) - League Update


A 2019-2020 Jockey Club Women’s League (2nd Division) took place in Causeway Bay Sports Ground on last Saturday evening, with Heng Wah Football Club clashing heads against Best Union. Heng Wah Football Club’s Tsui Yuk Shan scored the match-winner of the game, lifting her side past Best Union by 1:0 and earning the team’s first victory of the season.

Right off the starting whistle, Best Union quickly applied pressure towards the Heng Wah Football Club defense, as Tang Pui Man and Wong Yat Sze both knocked on the Heng Wah Football Club goals with shots, only to be denied by the latter’s goalkeeper Tang Yee Kei.

Afterwards, Heng Wah Football Club started to gain its footing. On the 32nd minute, Wong Ka Man knocked the ball towards the middle. Mung Hong Ling pulled the trigger but was stopped by the Best Union goalkeeper.

On the 45th minute, it was Heng Wah Football Club once again. This time, Wong Ka Man’s corner-kick found its way into the Best Union penalty area. Lee Lok Man fired away but failed to find the back of the opposing net.

Both sides had to settle for a goalless draw heading into the half-time break.

In the second-half, Heng Wah gradually started to take over the match. On the 46th minute, Mung Hong Ling darted into the box but sent her close-range shot wide off the Best Union Yuen Long goal.

Several minutes later, Heng Wah Football Club’s Mung Hong Ling and Ng Ka Wai both tested the Best Union defense with shots on goal, only to be turned away by the opposing goalkeeper on both occasions.

Heng Wah Football Club drew first blood of the game on the 58th minute, as Tsui Yuk Shan took advantage of some sloppy defending by the Best Union backline, then buried her chance and fired Heng Wah Football Club in front. It was now 1:0 for Heng Wah Football Club.

On the 74th minute, Heng Wah Football Club came up with another great scoring chance. This time, Wong Ka Man unloaded from inside the Best Union penalty box, only to be turned away by a super one-handed save from the Best Union custodian.

On the 80th minute, Mung Hong Ling connected with a teammate’s cross and fired from inside the Best Union penalty area, only to witness her shot courageously charged away by the goalkeeper.

The score eventually stood towards the final whistle, as Heng Wah Football Club edged Best Union 1:0, earning its first victory of the season.