2019-2020 Jockey Club Women's League (1st Div.) - League Update


Kitchee and Standard Perpetual MLFA squared off on last Saturday evening in Happy Valley Recreation Ground No.2 for a Jockey Club Women’s League (1st Division) encounter. Both sides traded scoring chances throughout the game but failed to come up with the knockout punch, eventually shaking hands on a well-fought 1:1 draw.

After the opening whistle, Kitchee gradually took control of the game and started to threaten the Standard Perpetual MLFA goal. On the 5th minute, KIM, KARISSA Y pushed forward with the ball before ripping a bouncing shot that went wide off the Standard Perpetual MLFA goal.

On the 10th minute, it was Kitchee once again, as Kwong Wing Yan took aim and belted a shot from the left-flank that failed to trouble the Standard Perpetual MLFA goalkeeper.

Kitchee continued to exert pressure towards the Standard Perpetual MLFA defense. On the 19th minute, Kitchee goalkeeper Leung Wai Nga sent a long kick forward and found BENJAMIN, GEORGINA LYDIA. The latter fired a running shot but could not hit the target with her effort.

Kitchee finally broke the game open on the 39th minute, as BENJAMIN, GEORGINA LYDIA created havoc down the left-wing before knocking the ball towards the middle. Lee Wing Yan kept her cool in the goal-mouth and tapped the ball home, putting her side in front 1:0.

Standard Perpetual MLFA started to gain its footing in the second-half and nearly tied the game on the 67th minute. Lowe, Sarah Emily pulled the trigger near the edge of the Kitchee box, forcing out a superb flying save from Kitchee goalkeeper Leung Wai Nga.

Moments later, Standard Perpetual MLFA went on to equalize, as Ida, Natalia buried her scoring chance from inside the box and found the back of the Kitchee net, tying the game at 1:1.

Afterwards, BENJAMIN, GEORGINA LYDIA, KIM, KARISSA Y and ee Wing Yan all had chances to put Kitchee in front once again, yet all failed to hit the target with their respective shots.

At the end, the 1:1 score stood towards the final whistle, as Kitchee and Standard Perpetual MLFA shook hands on a fast-paced, entertaining draw.