The HKFA Signed a Renewed Memorandum of Understanding with the JFA


The Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) is delighted to announce that a renewed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with the Japan Football Association (JFA). Mr. Timothy Fok, President of HKFA, has signed the MoU with Mr. Kohzo Tashima, President of JFA today (2 December) in Hong Kong.

HKFA signed the first MoU with JFA back in 2016. This annually renewable MoU is aimed to intensify the football cooperation and strengthen the relations between HKFA and JFA. The two associations will cooperate in developing strong ties between their respective bodies for the mutual benefit, promotion, growth and success of football in both places, as well as to protect the football values and traditions that football is a social instrument for international understanding. This MoU covers player development, coach education development, women's football development, referee development, representative teams development, futsal development and also football facility management and operation.

Mr. Paul Woodland, Chief Executive Officer of HKFA said, “The Hong Kong Football Association is delighted to renew the Memorandum of Understanding with the Japan Football Association. The collaboration has benefited HKFA in many ways. Football in Japan is very well developed and the levels of expertise are high both on and off the pitch. Over the previous years HKFA has been able to send coaches and instructors to Japan for coach education and development. HKFA Academy has been invited to participate in competitions and observe how they operate their regional training centres. The JFA is always willing to share their knowledge with other places as it is mutually beneficial to raise the standard of football in Asia. The renewal of this MoU cements the cooperation between our two Associations and we look forward to working together over the next few years.”