2019-2020 Jockey Club Girls' League – League Update


The 2019-2020 Jockey Club Girls’ League kicked off on Tuesday evening. In Happy Valley Recreation Ground No.2, HKFC defeated Tai Po 5:0 and got off to a winning start in the new season.

After the starting whistle, HKFC quickly laid pressure towards the Tai Po goal but bumped into red-hot Tai Po goalkeeper Ngai Po Yuk, who ended up having a great game in net.

On the 12th minute, Brewster, Lily Kan-Kwan fought off pressure down the left-wing and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately for the HKFC attacker, her shot was nicely saved by Ngai Po Yuk.

Shortly afterwards, Meekcoms, Hana Clare had successive scoring chances but could not get past the well-positioned Ngai Po Yuk in the Tai Po net.

HKFC broke the game open on the 20th minute, as BLANCHARD, Caitlin Arianna connected with a pass from CHAN, Andrea, then drilled a one-timer towards goal, giving Ngai Po Yuk absolutely no chance. HKFC was up by a goal.

On the 23rd minute, Brewster, Lily Kan-Kwan fired from the left-side of the box and found the back of the Tai Po net, making it 2:0 for HKFC.

Late in the first-half, CHAN, Andrea found BLANCHARD, Caitlin Arianna with a lovely pass. The latter let rip from the edge of the box and blasted the ball home. The score was 3:0 with HKFC in front.

In the second-half, HKFC kept the pressure coming. On the 47th minute, Schaddee Van Dooren, Madison Ger unloaded a long-range drive that was saved by Ngai Po Yuk in goal.

Tai Po came up with a rare scoring chance on the 49th minute, as Tse Sze Kei shook off pressure and darted into the box with the ball before pulling the trigger. Unfortunately for the New Territories side, Tse Sze Kei could not find the target with her shot.

On the 51st minute, Brewster, Lily Kan-Kwan came close to scoring with back-to-back chances, yet the HKFC player failed to beat Ngai Po Yuk on both occasions.

HKFC came close to scoring once again on the 55th minute. CHAN, Andrea unleashed a cracking shot from the middle but was turned away by Ngai Po Yuk.

Moments later, HKFC’s LEE, ALEXIS chased down a teammate’s pass, went one-on-one against Ngai Po Yuk but saw her shot charged away by the Tai Po goalkeeper.

On the 62nd minute, BLANCHARD, Caitlin Arianna unloaded a ferocious drive from outside the box that found the back of the Tai Po net. The score was 4:0 at this point.

Late in the game, Shuper, Anya Ying sealed HKFC’s victory on the evening with a clinical strike from the right-wing, making it 5:0 in the process.