Kitchee winger Fernando Pedreira wins BOC Life HKPL Player of the Month (January, 2019) honor


Someone might say, “good things are worth the wait.”

Judging by the look on the face of Kitchee winger Fernando Pedreira, upon hearing the news that he has been named as the BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League Player of the Month (January, 2019), jointly-presented by the Hong Kong Football Association and the Hong Kong Sports Press Association, that saying might very well be true.

“I am very happy to earn the BOC Life HKPL Player of the Month honor, as I have never won this prize before,” said the always cheerful Kitchee attacker, after learning that he has been named as the Player of the Month for the very first time in his five seasons in Hong Kong football.

“First and foremost, I want to thank my teammates for helping me to achieve this honor. Let us make no mistake about it, this is not a prize that is solely won by myself. Behind this award, there are certainly tons of hard work, selfless play and sacrifice from my teammates.”

Having practically won every team and individual honor in Hong Kong football, as well as previously leading Kitchee to an unforgettable run in the AFC Champions League group stage, the always cheerful and bubbly Pedreira insists he has never questioned why it has taken him so long to bag his first Player of the Month award.

“(smile) I do not think the Player of the Month award is long overdue and I never question why I have not won this honor before,” said the classy and humble Pedreira.

“Ever since my arrival in the Hong Kong Premier League, there have been lots of fantastic players playing here week in, week out. It is truly an honor to compete with these wonderfully-talented players and every time when someone wins the Player of the Month award, I know he is indeed a worthy winner.”

Despite powering Kitchee to a Senior Shield triumph in January, Pedreira admits the Blues’ performance in the premier league this season has fallen short of expectations. However, with several rounds of league fixtures to go and the Sapling Cup, as well as the FA Cup, still up for grabs, the always positive-thinking Brazilian believes Kitchee still has time to turn things around.

“We might not be doing very well in the premier league at the moment but as a Kitchee player, we never ever lose faith in the team,” Pedreira insisted.

“We need to keep aiming for the best and trying for the best. The Senior Shield triumph is a small positive note for us in this up-and-down season. Let us continue to work hard, push forward and no one knows where we might end up,” said the former Footballer of the Year.

Crashing out of the AFC Champions League preliminary stage after losing to Malaysian side Perak through a heartbreaking penalty-shootout meant Kitchee will be making its first appearance in the AFC Cup since 2016. Pedreira stresses that he and his teammates have already put their AFC Champions League heartbreak behind them and is ready to make their mark in the AFC Cup.

“Listen, we all want to play in the AFC Champions League and there is no denying on that. But we are now in the AFC Cup and that is the reality,” Pedreira stated in a matter of fact-manner.

“Let us make the most of the situation, put our best foot forward, give it our absolute maximum and see how far we can go in the competition.”

“I know Kitchee have had some very memorable moments in the AFC Cup before and I want to help us to recreate some of those fantastic memories in this year’s competition.”