Wofoo Tai Po midfielder Philip Chan nets Hong Kong Premier League MVP award (December, 2018)


Powered by some eye-catching performance in December, Wofoo Tai Po midfield dynamo Philip Chan rose to the top from a group of solid performers in the Hong Kong Premier League circuit, winning the Hong Kong Premier League MVP award (December, 2018), co-handed out by the Hong Kong Football Association and the Hong Kong Sports Press Association.

Winning the monthly Hong Kong Premier League MVP award for the first time in his career, the tenacious Wofoo Tai Po midfield battler could not contain his excitement and is pleased to see his own form trending upwards, together with the team’s overall results.

“It is a pleasant news to hear yourself being named as the monthly MVP award winner. Maybe it is due to my hot-streak in front of the opposing goals and people started to become more aware of my ability,” the confident Chan explained.

“However, I am indeed most pleased to be able to help Wofoo Tai Po to achieve solid results on the pitch. I really want to thank head coach Lee Chi-kin for handing me the opportunities, allowing my true ability to shine on the field.”

Wofoo Tai Po recorded three wins and a draw in its four games in the month of December and Chan’s solid contribution has been instrumental to the team’s on-field success. At the time of writing (8th February, 2018), Chan has made ten appearances for Wofoo Tai Po this season (started nine times and coming off the bench once) and scored four times, including a brace against Lee Man in December.

With two more goals coming from cup competitions, Chan has already racked up six goals under his name so far this season, shouldering a significant role in the Wofoo Tai Po attack.

Ever since joining Wofoo Tai Po in the off-season, Chan often finds himself playing further up on the pitch, thus getting more involved with the attack, which leads to more scoring chances. When asked about his personal feeling about the slight positional change, Chan shrugged his shoulders and welcomed the new opportunity.

“I am never one who shies away from challenges and this is no different,” Chan said bluntly.

“I was playing as a defensive midfielder before and I am more involved with the attack this season, showcasing my own attacking flair. Maybe this is the reason why my personal performance has been steadily on the rise.”

Looking ahead, Chan and his fellow Wofoo Tai Po teammates will embark on the AFC Cup playoffs journey. Chan admits he has long set his eyes on the tournament and relishes the opportunity to showcase his talent on a bigger stage.

“We will soon be playing in the Asia circuit and I have always wanted to keep challenging myself and try as many things as possible, hoping to further prove my own worth. I certainly hope we can come out on top in the playoffs and snatch a berth in the group-stage,” Chan stated.

“As long as we keep improving on the pitch, I am sure we will cope well in all competitions.”