2014/2015 Active O2 Hong Kong Top Footballers Sharing Their Winning Thoughts


The complete list of the 2014/2015 Hong Kong Top Footballer Awards was announced on Monday evening during the “2014/2015 Active O2 Hong Kong Top Footballers Awards Ceremony”, as players, coaches, club management and supporters all gathered on hand to take in the wonderful occasion.

Eastern sharpshooter Giovane Alves da Silva, who has had a wonderful season for his side with twenty-three goals so far in all competitions, was crowned Footballer of the Year. The likeable Brazilian spoke about his joy on netting the prestigious award. “This is simply the best season that I have ever had. I worked hard for the team during the season, not only played as a striker but also on the right-wing, left-wing and anywhere that the team needed me. It was a great effort and made me very happy to win this award,” said the Brazilian marksman. 

YFCMD head coach Lee Chi-kin, who underwent a major heart surgery not long ago, was picked as Coach of the Year. Lee expressed his gratitude on seeing the club’s emphasis on young players being recognized. “Every football club has its own direction and it is up to the club itself to make that choice. As a football club, YFCMD believes in giving talented youngsters their opportunities, as well as fulfilling our social responsibilities,” Lee said.

As widely expected, South China midfielder Chan Siu-kwan was named as one of the two Best Youth Players of the Season. The confident Chan spoke about how the prize would motivate him to strive for better things down the road. “This is an important award to me but it only pushes me to go for bigger things, such as getting myself into the Best XI in the future. This is obviously going to be a difficult challenge but you need to aim high and maintain that attitude if you ever want to improve. At the same time, I hope to get South China back to its former glory, that is to win lots and lots of trophies,” Chan declared.

Another South China player Bojan Malisic emerged with 2,642 votes from the fan-voting to make him the Most Favourite Player of the Season. The Serbian defender shared his thoughts on the recognition that he received from the local football fans. “First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who voted for me, as I really appreciate their support. Arriving to a new surrounding is never easy but I tried my best to adapt to Hong Kong football and I am glad with how things have turned out. I hope I can stay healthy in the future and keep fighting to bring trophies to South China,” offered South China’s pillar of strength at the backend.