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  Jockey Club Youth League (U18-FA Cup) Southern 2:1 Kitchee   Jockey Club Youth League (U16-FA Cup) Yuen Long 0:0 South China   Jockey Club Youth League (U15-FA Cup) Kitchee 4:2 Kln. City

Match Results

(GK) : Goalkeeper   (C) : Captain   (OG) : Own Goal   (PEN) : Penalty   (M.PEN) : Missed Penalty

(BM) : Before the Match Begins         (HT) : During Half Time of the Match       (BET) : Before the Extra Time Match        

(EHT) : During Half Time of Extra Time       (EAM) : After the Extra Time Match

(PSO) : During Penalty Shoot-out       (AM) : After the Match

Wofoo Tai Po


4.25 SC (PRK)


AFC Cup 2019 Group I


Attendance : 4341

Wofoo Tai Po


4.25 SC (PRK)

Sawyer Harrison Hickey 54'
Kim Yu Song 3'
Son Phyong Il 43'
Kim Yu Song 73'

12 Yards




99 Tsang, Man Fai [GK]
3 Praes, Eduardo [C]
4 Leung, Kwun Chung
8 Lee, Ka Yiu
10 Porto Pereira, Joao Emir
14 Sawyer Harrison Hickey
15 Fung, Hing Wa
16 Chan, Siu Kwan Philip
18 Torres Sartori, Igor
26 Lee, Ka Ho
80 Chung, Wai Keung
[GK] An Tae Song   23
Pak Jin Myong   5
Kwon Chung Hyok   6
O Hyok Chol   7
[C] Rim Chol Min   13
Son Phyong Il   14
Won Song   15
Pak Myong Song   16
Kim Yu Song   18
Ri Hyong Jin   22
An Song Il   30


63 Li, Hon Ho [GK]
6 Chak, Ting Fung
7 Wong, Wai
9 Ferreira Leonardo, Alessandro
13 Yeung, Chi Lun
22 Chiu, Siu Wai
55 Kilama, Jean Jacques
[GK] Sin Tae Song   1
An Il Bom   10
Om Chol Song   11
An Song Il   17
Yun Il Gwang   19
Pak Chung Nam   28
Pak Song Rok   29

Match Statistics

--(--) Shoot(Shoot On Target) --(--)
--Successful Pass--
--Time of Possession--
1Yellow Cards--
--Red Cards--

Yellow Cards

Torres Sartori, Igor 40'


Wong, Wai Leung, Kwun Chung 46'
Ferreira Leonardo, Alessandro Chan, Siu Kwan Philip 64'
Chiu, Siu Wai Torres Sartori, Igor 76'
Yun Il Gwang Son Phyong Il 73'
An Il Bom Rim Chol Min 77'



Referee: Clifford Postanes Daypuyat (Philippines)
Asst. Referee 1: Krizmark Abad Nanola (Philippines)
Asst. Referee 2: Giovanni Lacsinto Lachica (Philippines)
Fourth Official : Hasan Akrami (IR Iran)


Discipline Suspension
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