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2017-19 Committees and Sub-committees


Judicial Bodies
1. Disciplinary Committee   2. Appeal Committee
  Convenor Mr. Stephen Yau     Convenor Mr. Stephen Yau
  Chairman Mr. Benny Ng     Chairman Mr. Peter Lee
  Deputy Chairman Mr. Herbert Au     Deputy Chairman -----
  Member Mr. David Chiu     Member Mr. Horace Cheung
      Mr. Joseph Chow       Mr. Anthony Lam
      Mr. Raymond Li       Mr. Stephen Wong
      Dr. Gloria Tam        
Standing Committees
3. Finance and Strategy Committee   4. Organisational Development Committee
  Chairman Mr. Sin Yat Kin     Chairman Mr. Samuel Hui
  Deputy Chairman -----     Deputy Chairman -----
  Ex officio Mr. Brian Leung     Ex officio Mr. Brian Leung
      Chief Executive Office       Chief Executive Office
      General Secretary       General Secretary
      Head of Corporate Governance       Head of Corporate Governance
            Member Mr. Eric Fok
  3.1 Finance Sub-committee       Mr. Charles Chu
  Member Mr. Wilson Wong       Ms. Helena To
      Mr. Charles Chu        
      Mr. Lawrence Lo, JP        
  3.2 Strategy Sub-committee        
  Member Mr. Eric Fok        
      Mr. Wilson Wong        
      Mr. Charles Cheung        
      Mr. Charles Chu        
      Mr. Kwok Ka Ming, JP        
      Mr. Lawrence Lo, JP        
      Dr. Patrick Yung        
5. Technical and Playing Committee   6. Audit Committee
  Chairman Mr. Wilson Wong     Chairman Mr. Samuel Hui
  Deputy Chairman -----        
  Ex officio Mr. Brian Leung        
  Member Ms. Canny Leung        
      Mr. Eric Fok        
      Mr. C.M. Chan        
      Mr. Chan Man Chun        
  5.1 Futsal, Women’s Football and Beach Soccer Sub-committee   7. Referees Committee
  Chairman Mr. Eric Fok     Chairman Mr. Stephen Yau
  Ex officio Mr. Brian Leung     Deputy Chairman Mr. Brian Leung
  Member Mr. Tony Ho     Member Mr. Chan Siu Ki
      Mrs. Josephine Mark Lee       Mr. Lam Tak Sing
      Mr. Leslie Santos       Mr. Pang Cham Kai
      Mr. Johnny Woo       Mr. Poon Ming Fai
              Mr. Andy Wong
Other Committees and Bodies
8. Legal Committee   9. Marketing and Communications Committee
  Chairman Mr. Junius Ho     Chairman Ms. Canny Leung
  Deputy Chairman Mr. Wilson Wong     Deputy Chairman Mr. Eric Fok
  Ex officio Mr. Brian Leung     Ex officio Mr. Brian Leung
  Member Mr. C.M. Chan     Member  
      Mr. Nicolas Chan        
      Ms. Yolanda Fan        
      Mr. Terry Liu        
10. Members Committee   11. National Dispute Resolution Chamber
  Chairman Mr. Eric Fok     Convenor Mr. Martin Hong
  Deputy Chairman -----     Chairman Mr. Peter Nguyen
  Deputy Chairman Mr. Brian Leung     Deputy Chairman Mr. Raymond Yu
  Member Mr. Wilson Wong     Member (Player) Mr. Chan Wai Ho
      Mr. Samuel Hui       Mr. Chan Yuk Chi
      Mr. Sin Yat Kin       Mr. Huang Yang
      Mr. Stephen Yau       Mr. Jaimes McKee
      Mr. Nicolas Chan       Mr. Yapp Hung Fai
      Mr. Johnny Woo     Member (Club) Mr. Chan Man Chun
              Mr. Chow Man Kin
              Mr. Kelvin Hong
              Mr. Philip Lee
              Mr. Kelvin Pui
12.  Electoral Committee (2015-19)   13.  Medical Committee
  Convenor   Mr. Brian Leung     Chairman Dr. Patrick Yung
  Chairman   Mr. Ma Ho Fai     Deputy Chairman -----
  Deputy Chairman   -----     Member Dr. Gary Mak
  Member   Ms. Li Fung Ying       Dr. Lobo Louie
      Mr. Michael Lai       Dr. Woo Yu Cho
              Dr. Kenneth Wu
              Dr. Yvonne Yuan
14. HKPL Meeting   15. HKFL (1st, 2nd & 3rd Divisions) Meeting
  Convenor Mr. Wilson Wong     Convenor Mr. Pui Kwan Kay
16. Competitions Committee        
  Chairman Mr. Brian Leung      
  Deputy Chairman -----      
  Member Mr. Eric Fok      
    Mr. Martin Hong      
    Ms. Canny Leung      
    Mr. Wilson Wong      
    Mr. Ken Ng      
    Mr. Mark Sutcliffe (CEO)      
    Mr. Vincent Yuen
(General Secretary)
    Mr. Paul Woodland
(Head of Football Development)
    Mr. Kim Pan Gon
(Head Coach)
    Ms. Emily Lau
(Head of Competitions)
    Mr. Alex Cheung
(Competitions Manager)
    Mr. Charles Cheung
(Referees Manager)
    Ms. Betty Wong
(Women's Football Manager)




Discipline Suspension
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