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2021-23 Committees

Judicial Bodies
1. Disciplinary Committee   2. Appeal Committee
  Convenor Mr. Nicholas Chan     Convenor Mr. Nicholas Chan
Standing Committees
3. Finance and Strategy Committee   4. Organisational Development Committee
  Chairman Mr. Matthew Wong     Chairman Mr. Ivan Wong
5. Technical and Playing Committee   6. Audit Committee
  Chairman Mr. Jonny Woo     Convenor Mr. Hanson Wong
7. Referees Committee        
  Chairman Mr. Albert Chiu        
Other Committees and Bodies
8. Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee    9. Women's Football Committee
  Chairman Mr. Eric Fok     Chairlady Ms. Yvonne Wong
10. Legal Committee   11. Marketing and Communications Committee
  Chairman Mr. Nicholas Chan     Chairlady Ms. Yvonne Wong
12. Members Committee   13. Medical Committee
  Chairman Mr. Eric Fok     Chairman Dr. Patrick Yung
14. International Affairs Committee   15. Esports Committee
  Chairman Mr. Eric Fok     Chairman Mr. Eric Fok
16. HKPL Meeting   17. HKFL (1st, 2nd & 3rd Divisions) Meeting
  Convenor Mr. Matthew Wong     Convenor Mr. Chan Chi Hong
Independent Bodies
18. National Dispute Resolution Chamber (2021-2023)   19. HKFA Club Licence First Instance Body (2021-2023) 
  Convenor Mr. Ching Ming Yu     Chairman To be confirmed
20. HKFA Club Licence Appeal Body (2021-2023)   21. Electoral Committee (2019-2023)
  Chairman To be confirmed     Chairman Mr. Cedric Poon
          Deputy Chairman Mr. Mendel Au
          Member Mr. Patrick Li
22. Electoral Appeal Committee (2019-2023)        
  Chairman Mr. Ma Ho Fai        
  Member Ms. Li Fung Ying        
    Mr. Michael Lai        





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