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Empowerment on Women's Football Episode 1   Empowerment on Women's Football Episode 2
On the Inheritance of Coach Every role at the football pitch is closely related. Also, there is no big difference between female and male in football and we treat people based on their abilities.   Steps by steps of Hong Kong Women’s Football Hong Kong women footballers in different generations always have mission and passion, while there has been a lack of resources to support them to achieve their goals.
In recent years, AFC and HKFA allocate a lot of resources to support women’s football and coach education is definitely one of the focus. To most of the female coaches, coach certificate is not only their dream and goals, but also their mission to convey the message about football knowledge, attitude, discipline and passion to the next generation.   Project Phoenix has turned a new chapter for Women’s football development in Hong Kong. Since then, the position of Women’s Football Manager has been established into the HKFA structure and enhance the duo-development of grassroots and the representative level, with the increased resources and funds for women’s football in recent years. This has created more opportunities for female to participate football in all levels. Moreover, the newly-created  award Women’s Footballer of the Year since last year, is another milestone for Hong Kong women’s football. This would motivate more potential young players to strive for their dream and attract more female to play football as well.
Empowerment on Women's Football Episode 3   Empowerment on Women's Football Episode 4
Women’s Referee Apart from the female coach and player, referee is also a position that HKFA devotes resources for female to participate in.   The extension beyond of the pitch For each women football player at Hong Kong, become a full time player and play overseas is always the ultimate mission. However, the length of being player owns its times’ limitation. In order to treasure the moment at the pitch, Hong Kong women’s football players are willing to sacrifice and pay efforts at all time.

Referee emphasis teamwork, and even higher standard of the ability for observation and decision making compared to player at the pitch, which this interest is absolutely can be regarded as long term developed, objective-oriented and growth.

Recently, HKFA has organized a women’s referee training course, which will last for 3 years, not only enable more girls to experience this special position in the football pitch ,but also to let new generation understand the fun of being referee or even developing this interest can attain a higher level of football.

  Regarding the opportunity to play overseas, it has enabled players to broaden their horizons and experience depth of variety type of football culture around the world. Transited from being player to coach, this could widening the football journey, not only to extend the time with football at pitch, but also transfer accumulated knowledge and experience to next generation, which is beneficial for youngsters to further deveolop.





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