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What is HK Football Connect?

Hong Kong Football Association has been selected by FIFA to be one of the three nations to lead the worldwide football community into a technologically-driven advancement of football.


“HK Football Connect” is a new online registration platform for all our football stakeholders including clubs, coaches, referees and players, starting with the 2015/16 season.


By registering on this platform, each participant will receive a unique identity number that will enable them to keep a full history of registered football roles online. In addition to online registration, the platform will enable speedy local transfers of players between clubs.


The data will be built up over the coming years, and will eventually become the online resumes of all our stakeholders in the sport.


Vision & Mission

Our Vision for Football Connect is to enable all of the football stakeholders in Hong Kong to engage and connect with the HKFA through a secure electronic registration system by 2015, a system that is compatible with the FIFA Football Management System.


The HKFA will ensure that the HK Football Connect system provides all football stakeholders (player, club, coach, referee, etc.) with an opportunity to register with the HKFA via an online platform. All stakeholders will receive a unique identity which will be theirs indefinitely. The HKFA will ensure that all data is confidential and secure in accordance with Hong Kong law. HK Football Connect is designed to be user friendly and to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the HKFA registration system.


User Guide

HK Football Connect provides you a convenient and simple way to get registered. Please click here for User Guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?  We’ve got answers!  HKFA offers an array of Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) in response to inquiries about HK Football Connect. Find the answer to your question here



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