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  中銀人壽香港超級聯賽 冠忠南區 3:0 深水埗 傑志 3:0 東方 香港U23 0:5 標準流浪   賽馬會女子足球聯賽 (甲組) 大埔[女子] 5:0 大聯盟足球學院[女子]   賽馬會女子足球聯賽 (乙組) 標準流浪[女子] 4:0 東區[女子]   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U13 - A組) 油尖旺 0:19 南區   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U13 - E組) 灣仔 9:2 離島   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U14 - B組) 荃灣 4:0 東區   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U18 - F組) 西貢 1:4 浩運   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U14 - D組) 深水埗 1:7 屯門 利物浦國際足球學校(香港) 1:5 黃大仙   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U14 - C組) 公民 1:3 大埔   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U14 - E組) 九龍城 2:1 東區康樂體育促進會   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U16 - F組) 觀塘 0:6 港會   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U18 - E組) A&S FC 3:1 灣仔   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U16 - F組) 南區 0:3 葵青   賽馬會青少年足球聯賽 (U14 - B組) 離島 0:9 港會


(GK) : 守門員   (C) : 隊長   (OG) : 烏龍球   (PEN) : 十二碼   (M.PEN) : 射失十二碼

(BM) : 比賽前         (HT) : 半場       (BET) : 加時階段前        

(EHT) : 半場(加時階段)       (EAM) : 比賽後(加時階段)

(PSO) : 互射十二碼階段       (AM) : 比賽後







入場人數 : 855




陳傲軒 8'
余煒廉 (OG) 23'
陳傲軒 33'
謝朗軒 71'
迪高 57'





25 伍瑋謙 [GK]
4 川瀨浩太
5 杜度
6 基斯
11 佐佐木周 [C]
14 何振廷
16 翟廷峯
18 艾華
22 謝朗軒
27 盧錦宏
28 陳傲軒
[GK] 袁皓俊   88
立花稜也   4
[C] 余煒廉   5
艾華頓   8
洛迪古斯   9
鄭兆均   11
羅焯熙   12
荷西安祖   14
許可臻   18
鄭進泓   24
迪高   33


1 蔡子濤 [GK]
29 謝德謙 [GK]
7 史提芬彭利拿
8 李嘉耀
19 簡嘉亨
20 游卓峰
23 容昊
26 陳凱柏
44 劉學銘
67 畢頓
[GK] 高俊   1
[GK] 鄧梓朗   92
李康廉   7
顏樂楓   16
曾錦濤   21
加維蘭   22
黃威   23
黃俊皓   26
余沛康   29
梁羿童   30
梁立天   37
基華尼頓   91


--(--) 射門(命中目標) --(--)


杜度 68'
迪高 37'
艾華頓 71'
顏樂楓 73'
許可臻 76'
鄭進泓 90' +3'


劉學銘 何振廷 58'
游卓峰 盧錦宏 58'
容昊 陳傲軒 75'
史提芬彭利拿 艾華 75'
李嘉耀 杜度 86'
鄧梓朗 袁皓俊 43'
基華尼頓 羅焯熙 43'
顏樂楓 迪高 64'
李康廉 艾華頓 74'
曾錦濤 鄭兆均 74'


Kwoon Chung Southern and RCFC are set for a midweek BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League date on Wednesday afternoon in Aberdeen Sports Ground. The match will kick-off at 15:00.

Kwoon Chung Southern currently resides seventh in the premier league standing and is only ahead of basement side Happy Valley based on goals-scored in head-to-head encounters. With undeniable talents such as Stefan Pereira, Shu Sasaki, James Ha and Tse Tak-him in the lineup, Kwoon Chung Southern should not be languishing near the foot of the table and the veterans will be highly motivated to drive the team upwards in the league-standing. However, defender Chan Kwong-pan was sent-off in the last match and will likely have to sit out the upcoming fixture.

RCFC is fresh off a morale-boosting league victory against BC Rangers, giving the team four league wins in the premier league season. As a matter of fact, RCFC currently sits fifth in the premier league standing and actually has a remote chance of making it to the top four by the season’s end. Tireless working forward Wong Wai-kwok has been an important part in the RCFC attack this season. The local attacker netted his first premier league goal of the campaign last weekend against BC Rangers and with new-found confidence, should be eager to test himself against the Kwoon Chung Southern defense.

On Thursday evening, Happy Valley will meet up with Tin Shui Wai Pegasus in Mongkok Stadium for a BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League battle. The match will start at 20:00.

Happy Valley currently finds itself sitting at the premier league basement and will be desperate to move out from the cellar. Despite scoring the opening goal against Lee Man on the previous weekend, Happy Valley allowed four unanswered goals by its opponent and eventually dropped a 1:4 decision. The loss against Lee Man gave Happy Valley three consecutive defeats and the team must stay composed and rally itself in order to bust out from its slump. Luciano Da Silva, Charlie Scott and Robert Odu continue to perform admirably on the pitch and their play on Thursday evening will have a huge impact on Happy Valley’s winning chances.

Tin Shui Wai Pegasus continues to hope to cement its place in the premier league top three, thus will be looking to take down Happy Valley on Thursday evening and to pick up three more points. The New Territories side saw its three-game winning streak snapped by Eastern Long Lions in the previous fixture and will aim to bounce back and get back onto the winning track. Brazilian attackers Marcos Da Silva and Nilson Dos Santos have become quite a decent strike force for Tin Shui Wai Pegasus, as the duo have dished out ten premier league goals combined, so far this season.

Kitchee and BC Rangers will square off in Mongkok Stadium on Friday evening for a BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League clash. The match will go underway at 20:00.

As one of the form sides in the entire premier league circuit, Kitchee has put together a five-game winning run and is currently leading the pack in the premier league title-chase. More impressively, the Shek Mun-side has served up thirteen goals during the winning skid while only conceding twice – a testament to the team’s well-balanced display on both ends of the pitch. Veteran striker Dejan Damjanovic continues to be a revelation since joining Kitchee. The reliable goal-machine has scored five goals from his past two outings and should remain the undeniable number one threat in the Kitchee lineup.

BC Rangers currently occupies sixth place in the premier league standing and is looking to push for a higher ranking in the league table. The resilient side is fresh off a tough, one-goal loss against RCFC and will be aiming to create a shock by upsetting Kitchee on Friday evening. While facing Kitchee remains a highly challenging task for BC Rangers, it should be pointed out BC Rangers did hold Eastern Long Lions to a draw and defeated Lee Man in the month of April. With trusted veterans such as Lam Ka-wai, Lo Kwan-yee, Lam Hok-hei Philip Chan and Oleksii Shliakotin driving the team forward, BC Rangers remains a force that should not be underestimated.

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