HK-Shanghai Inter Club Championship first leg
Wofoo Tai Po 2:3 Shanghai East Asia


Shanghai East Asia overcame a 2-men deficit on the 1st leg of the 2011 Hong Kong-Shanghai Inter Club Championship, defeating local side Wofoo Taipo by a score of 3-2.
Wofoo Taipo’s striker Christian Annan signaled the host’s intention by firing the first warning shot of the game on the 8th minute, when his curling shot from outside the penalty box clearly beating Shanghai East Asia’s goalkeeper Sun Le but was unfortunately rejected by the crossbar.
Shanghai East Asia broke the deadlock shortly afterwards when Aidi Fulangxisi found himself with the ball behind the Wofoo Taipo defense on the 14th minute. The young forward showed tremendous awareness by passing the ball to trailing teammate Wu Lei, who calmly directed the ball into the host’s net, giving the visiting side a 1-0 lead.
The visiting side expanded their lead on the 23 minute when Lu Wen-jun picked up the ball outside the Wofoo Taipo penalty area after a defense-splitting pass from the midfield. Lu took advantage of some sloppy defending from Wofoo Taipo to poke the ball into the net, giving Shanghai East Asia a 2-0 lead.
On the 40th minute, Wofoo Taipo finally gave the home crowd something to cheer about when some nifty passing between Brazilian import William Gomes and Li Chun-yip saw the latter receiving the ball in the visitor’s penalty area. Li kept his composure and smartly fired the ball past the Shanghai East Asia goalkeeper into the net, injecting some much-needed life back into the game for the host.
Shanghai East Asia continued to lay pressure onto the host and got their reward on the 54th minute when the speedy Sun Kai received the ball on the left wing, took control of it and continued his way approaching the Wofoo Taipo goal. Once inside the ball, Sun finished his effort by firing a thunderous blast that left Wofoo Taipo goalkeeper Li Hon-ho with absolutely no chance. It was a sheer beauty and the visitors were now enjoying a 3-1 lead.
Wofoo Taipo desperately tried to pull a goal back in the latter part of the game but long range efforts from Sze Kin-wai and Jing Teng were both easily turned away by Shanghai East Asia’s goalkeeper Sun Le.
Wofoo Taipo was awarded a stoppage time penalty by the referee but captain Ye Jia saw his effort saved by the visiting goalkeeper. Wofoo Taipo’s Chen Li-ming then alertly delivered the rebound back into the penalty area and Ye Jia made no mistake this time by heading the ball into the Shanghai East Asia net. The host was now trailing only by one goal.
The visiting Shanghai East Asia was able to close out the remaining of the game and head home with a 3-2 victory in the 1st leg of the 2011 Hong Kong Shanghai Club Championship.

Wofoo Tai Po 2:3 Shanghai East Asia