Surprise win for Double Flower


Double Flower were 2 goals down to Happy Valley, but equalised and scored the winning goal in 13 minutes late in the 2nd half. They will face Sun Hei who beat HKFC earlier in the day. 

Double Flower fielded a young side to face Happy Valley, and conceded the first goal only after 8 minutes. Keith Gumbs met Kwok Yue-hung's corner but his header hit Double Flower defender Ogbe Eki into the goal. Happy Valley took the lead with this lucky goal. Happy Valley were patient and kept possession after the goal. Although the Double Flower defence were pressed to their own half, their reserve goalkeeper Leung Tak-chun was rarely troubled. In the 77th minute, Leung Tak-chun made a terrible mistake by letting the ball from a corner slip through his hands and into the net, putting Double Flower 2 goals down. After goal, Happy Valley thought that the match was in their hands and did not continue to put pressure on Double Flower. But they were wrong and conceded a goal after just 1 minute. Double Flower's Paymond Nono met Lam Ka-wai's free kick and headed into the net, 2-1. 9 minutes later, another free kick by Lam Ka-wai saw 'keeper Fan Chun-yip punched clear. Ewane Ngassa headed the ball back into the area and Ng Wai-kwan took the chance and headed the ball into the goal, Double Flower were back on terms (2-2). Happy Valley seems to have awakened after the equaliser, but it was too late. Double Flower were keeping possession and striker Cheng Siu-wai blasted home 5 minutes into stoppage time, and brought Double Flower into the semi final. 

Earlier in the day, Sun Hei scored the opener by Walmor De Souza in the 19th minute, while HKFC's Anto Grabo equalised 1 minute later. Sun Hei's Lau Chi-keung scored another goal during 1st half added time. Half Time score 2-1. In the 2nd half, Lau Chi-keung and Marcio Anacleto scored for Sun Hei, making the final score 4-1. They will meet Double Flower in the semi final.