League Cup Final - Sun Hei 2(4):(2)2 Happy Valley


Sun Hei lifted the trophy of the League Cup after beating Happy Valley by penalty shootout, thanks to goalkeeper Chan Ka-ki who saved 2 kicks from the spot. 

Sun Hei were 1-2 down at the half time, but they showed the determination and get back into terms in the 2nd half. Both teams are occuping the first 2 places of the league table. An exciting match was expected. Both teams are fully recovered from the semi-final on thursday and Sun Hei scored from the 1st attempt. The Happy Valley defenders couldn't clear a Cornelius Udebuluzor cross from the right in the 2nd minute, which see Lo Chun-pong's volley parried by 'keeper Fan Chun Yip, Jose Ricardo Rambo putting the ball into the empty goal, 1-0 to Sun Hei. Happy Valley, however, equalised in just one minute. Ailton De Araujo headed home a Poon Yiu-cheuk corner. Sun Hei's Walmor De Sousa, who replaced the suspended Antonic Dejan, did well at the back of the defence. De Sousa effectively stopped Keith Gumbs' shot in the 11th minute. After that, both teams become more defensive. Ailton De Araujo's through pass found Keith Gumbs in the 30th minute. Keith Gumbs evaded Pau Ka-yiu with great speed and stamina, and shot past 'keeper Chan Ka-ki. The 1st half ended 2-1. Sun Hei replaced Lo Chun-pong with Wong Chun-yu at half time. 

Wong Chun-yu was fouled by Poon Yiu-cheuk not long after the break. Marcio Anacleto shot the free kick directly on goal but was well saved by 'keeper Fan Chun-yip. In the 49th minute, Wong Chun-yu was one-on-one with the goalkeeper under pressure from Gerard Ambassa, he passed the ball to the unmarked Chu Siu-kei, who scored easily making the score 2-2. In the 70th minute, Marcio Anacleto headed high a Cornelius Udebuluzor cross from the right. Lee Chun-yip replaced the injured Keith Gumbs in the 71st minute, leaving Kwok Yue-hung as Happy Valley's only attacker. Sun Hei controlled the remaining parts of the 2nd half. In the 86th minute, Marcio Anacleto's free kick from the left evaded the goal without anyone touching the ball. The score was 2-2 after 90 minutes, extra time was needed.

 Poon Yiu-cheuk's free kick from the left hit the outside of the post in the 91th minute. Lee Wai-lun replaced the injured Tam Siu-wai. The match pace became quicker in the extra time. In the 2nd half of extra time, Happy Valley 'keeper Fan Chun-yip's great saves kept them in the game. Marcio Anacleto's free kick hit the wall and Jose Ricardo Rambo's header was easily saved by Fan Chun-yip. In the 112th minute, Cornelius Udebuzulor's shot from close range evaded Fan Chun-yip but was cleared by Gerard Ambassa at the line. Fan Chun-yip's diving save stopped Wong Chun-yu from becoming the hero in the dying minutes. There was no golden goal and Happy Valley's Lai Kai-cheuk and Ricky Cheng missed the penalty shootout, with Sun Hei scoring all four. Sun Hei lifted the trophy and won the HK$50,000 prize.