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  BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League South China vs Lee Man Rangers 2:4

Match Results

(GK) : Goalkeeper   (C) : Captain   (OG) : Own Goal   (PEN) : Penalty   (M.PEN) : Missed Penalty

(BM) : Before the Match Begins         (HT) : During Half Time of the Match       (BET) : Before the Extra Time Match        

(EHT) : During Half Time of Extra Time       (EAM) : After the Extra Time Match

(PSO) : During Penalty Shoot-out       (AM) : After the Match

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Lung Moon


3rd Division "A"


Attendance : --

Metro Gallery Sun Source


Lung Moon

Cheung, Chi Shing 2'
Ng, Pak Wai 71'
Cheung, Chi Shing 90'
Yip, Tak Shing 13'
Choi, Man 49'
Cheng, Man Ho (OG) 51'
Choi, Wai Hon 89'

12 Yards




Cheng, Man Ho
Cheung, Chi Shing
Choi, Kan Fu
Chung, Tsz Hei
Lai, Ka King
Law, Sat Ming [C]
Lee, Ming Fai
Ng, Ho Kuen
Ng, Man Lai
Ng, Pak Wai
Yeung, Ming Kit
Chan, Ho Yin   
Chan, Kwong Shing   
[C] Choi, Man   
Ho, Yiu Shan   
Pang, Hong Yin   
Wong, Chi Fai   
Wong, Chi Hok   
Wong, Ming Fung   
Yan, Kin Keung   
Yip, Tak Shing   
Yuen, Hoi Keung   


Chan, Sze Ming
Chan, Wing Fung
Kong, Ka Wai
Wu, Ze An Kent
Yip, Kwun San
Yuen, Chun Ho
Chan, Yat Kan   
Cheng, Kwok Kin   
Choi, Wai Hon   
Ip, Man Hong   
Kwan, Shing Chung   
Tam, Chun Kit   

Match Statistics

--(--) Shoot(Shoot On Target) --(--)
--Successful Pass--
--Time of Possession--
1Yellow Cards4
1Red Cards1

Yellow Cards

Lee, Ming Fai 82'
Ho, Yiu Shan 30'
Pang, Hong Yin 64'
Wong, Chi Fai 72'
Kwan, Shing Chung 82'

Red Cards

Ng, Man Lai 82'
Tam, Chun Kit 82'


Yuen, Chun Ho Chung, Tsz Hei 20'
Kong, Ka Wai Law, Sat Ming 59'
Chan, Wing Fung Lai, Ka King 71'
Choi, Wai Hon Ho, Yiu Shan 33'
Tam, Chun Kit Wong, Chi Hok 61'
Kwan, Shing Chung Yuen, Hoi Keung 74'



Discipline Suspension
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