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(GK) : Goalkeeper   (C) : Captain   (OG) : Own Goal   (PEN) : Penalty   (M.PEN) : Missed Penalty

(BM) : Before the Match Begins         (HT) : During Half Time of the Match       (BET) : Before the Extra Time Match        

(EHT) : During Half Time of Extra Time       (EAM) : After the Extra Time Match

(PSO) : During Penalty Shoot-out       (AM) : After the Match

Wing Yee


Metro Gallery Sun Source


FA Cup Preliminary Round


Attendance : --

Wing Yee


Metro Gallery Sun Source

Ko, Chun Sean '
Chu, Wai San '
Hung, Jing Yip '
Wu, Chun Wai 30'
Wu, Chun Wai 37'
Ko, Chun Sean 62'
Ng, Shung Hei '
Wong, Kwok Keung '
Chu, Wai Lam '
Chan, Ho Man '
Chan, Yiu Lun '
Leung, Chi Kui '
Lam, Hiu Fung '
Lai, Lok Yin '
Chan, Yiu Lun 8'
Lui, Wai Chiu 13'
Chan, Yiu Lun (PEN) 43'

12 Yards




Cheng, Kai Ming
Chu, Wai San
Fan, Ho Yin
Ho, Min Tong
Hung, Jing Yip
Ko, Chun Sean
Lai, Chun Ho
Ma, Kin Chung
Ng, Shung Hei [C]
Wong, Kwok Keung
Wu, Chun Wai
Chan, Ho Man   
Chan, Ka Hing   
[C] Chan, Yiu Lun   
Chu, Wai Lam   
Lai, Lok Yin   
Lam, Hiu Fung   
Lau, Tsz Leung Fish   
Leung, Chi Kui   
Li, Ying Wai   
Lui, Wai Chiu   
Wong, Wai Hang   


Chan, Kai Shing
Chu, Chi Keung
Hung, Wing Sing
Li, Ka Wing
Tang, Tsz Leung
Wong, Hoi Wai
Yuen, Tsun Tung
Cheung, Chun Hin   0
Ching, Hiu Sing   0
Chung, Wai Keung   0
Lau, Siu Man   0
Ng, Ka Tung   0
Shek, Wai Lok   0
Tse, Wai Chun   0

Match Statistics

--(--) Shoot(Shoot On Target) --(--)
--Successful Pass--
--Time of Possession--
2Yellow Cards6
--Red Cards--

Yellow Cards

Ng, Shung Hei 23'
Wong, Kwok Keung 44'
Chan, Ho Man 23'
Li, Ying Wai 53'
Lui, Wai Chiu 54'
Lau, Tsz Leung Fish 59'
Wong, Wai Hang 64'
Chu, Wai Lam 87'


Yuen, Tsun Tung Ma, Kin Chung 36'
Hung, Wing Sing Cheng, Kai Ming 46'
Chan, Kai Shing Lai, Chun Ho 71'
Chung, Wai Keung Lui, Wai Chiu 65'
Shek, Wai Lok Li, Ying Wai 78'



永義 (5)3 : 3(6) 駿其天旭

Discipline Suspension
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