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  Henderson Youth League (U14-Div.2 Play-off 10th to 12th) North District vs ESF Lions 0:5 Henderson Youth League (U14-Div.2 Play-off 7th to 9th) Tsuen Wan vs Central & Western 3:2

Match Results

(GK) : Goalkeeper   (C) : Captain   (OG) : Own Goal   (PEN) : Penalty   (M.PEN) : Missed Penalty

(BM) : Before the Match Begins         (HT) : During Half Time of the Match       (BET) : Before the Extra Time Match        

(EHT) : During Half Time of Extra Time       (EAM) : After the Extra Time Match

(PSO) : During Penalty Shoot-out       (AM) : After the Match

Royal Southern Reserve Team


Sunray Cave JC Sun Hei Reserve


Reserve Division


Attendance : --

Royal Southern Reserve Team


Sunray Cave JC Sun Hei Reserve

Kwok, Ting Him (PEN) 77'
Ip, Chung Long 78'
Conceicao, Filipe De Souza (PEN) 21'
Conceicao, Filipe De Souza 23'

12 Yards




Chan, Ka Chun
Che, Runqiu
Cheng, Ting Hei
Ip, Chung Long
Kwok, Ting Him
Lam, Ho Kwan
Leung, Sing Hang
Li, Ngai Hoi
Lo, Chi Kwan
Luk, Sai Chung [C]
Poon, Hiu Fung
Bouet, Yrel Cedrique Arnaud   
Cheung, Kwok Ming   
Conceicao, Filipe De Souza   
Kwok, Wing Sun   
Kwok, Yu Ho   
Lam, Wan Kit   
Lau, Fu Kuen   
Pereira, John Benedict   
Stewart, Alexander Parin   
Teodorovic, Mirko   
[C] Wong, Tsz Chung   


Chung, Hon Chee
Fung, Chun Yu
Lee, Sze Ho
Lee, Yang Xuan
To, Wai Lok
Affonso Junior, Roberto Orlando   
Wong, Chun Ho   
Wong, Tsz Him   

Match Statistics

--(--) Shoot(Shoot On Target) --(--)
--Successful Pass--
--Time of Possession--
--Yellow Cards2
--Red Cards--

Yellow Cards

Stewart, Alexander Parin 26'
Lau, Fu Kuen 81'


Lee, Yang Xuan Cheng, Ting Hei 46'
Lee, Sze Ho Li, Ngai Hoi 46'
Chung, Hon Chee Che, Runqiu 46'
Fung, Chun Yu Leung, Sing Hang 53'
Wong, Chun Ho Teodorovic, Mirko 59'



Discipline Suspension
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