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  The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Cup Kitchee vs Eastern Long Lions 2:1 2nd Division League Central & Western vs Lucky Mile 1:0

Match Results

(GK) : Goalkeeper   (C) : Captain   (OG) : Own Goal   (PEN) : Penalty   (M.PEN) : Missed Penalty

(BM) : Before the Match Begins         (HT) : During Half Time of the Match       (BET) : Before the Extra Time Match        

(EHT) : During Half Time of Extra Time       (EAM) : After the Extra Time Match

(PSO) : During Penalty Shoot-out       (AM) : After the Match



Eastern Salon


2nd Division


Attendance : --



Eastern Salon

Yiu, Hok Man Raymond (PEN) 26'

12 Yards




Cheung, Hon Ho
Lee, Wai Man
Ng, Hon Ho
Lau, Chun Yu
Lee, Sze Lung
Kwok, Wing Lok
Ching, Ho Yin
Ho, Ka Kin
Tong, Kin Ming
Lai, Chun Kit [C]
Li, Ho Fai
Wong, Tsz Ho   
Wong, Wai Tak   
Yiu, Hok Man Raymond   
Yu, Pui Hong   
Wong, Chun Yue   
Wong, Chun Hin   
Hui, Ka Lok   
Lau, Ho Lam   
Lee, Ka Wah   
Leung, Chi Wing   
[C] Chung, Ho Yin   


Law, Pui Yuen
Mok, Siu Man
Kwok, Yue Hung
Kwok, Chi Kin
Choy, Yiu Fai
Koo, Ling Kim
Chow, Hon Chi
Tseng, Siu Wing   
Yiu, Ho Ming   
Tse, Long Hin   
Ng, Tsz Hin   
Lee, Sze Ming   
Lo, Kai Wah   
Lai, Kai Cheuk   

Match Statistics

--(--) Shoot(Shoot On Target) --(--)
--Successful Pass--
--Time of Possession--
2Yellow Cards2
--Red Cards--

Yellow Cards

Lai, Chun Kit 25'
Lee, Wai Man 36'
Tseng, Siu Wing 45'
Hui, Ka Lok 81'


Chow, Hon Chi Ching, Ho Yin 64'
Law, Pui Yuen Ho, Ka Kin 68'
Tseng, Siu Wing Wong, Wai Tak 23'
Lai, Kai Cheuk Lee, Ka Wah 64'
Yiu, Ho Ming Wong, Chun Hin 70'



Discipline Suspension
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