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香港足球總會D 級教練課程 [38]
HKFA D Coaching Certificate Course [38]
《報名須知 General Information》
日期:                                        2014年5月19日至2014年5月27日
Date:                               19th May – 27th May 2014
時間:                                        請參閱時間表
Time:                                      Please refer to the timetable
地點:                                        鄉議局大樓                             曾大屋人造草足球場
Venue:                                     Heung Yee Kuk Building        Tsang Tai Uk Artificial Turf
名額:                                        40人
Maximum No.:                        40 Persons
內容:                                        1)     理論課                     Theory Session
Contents:                                 2)     實習課                     Practice Session
評核:                                        實習教授評核2次  Two Practical Coaching Assessments
Assessments:                           理論考試1次          One Theory Exam
                                                球例考試1次          One Laws of the Game Exam
教授語言:                                粵語                 (另備有英語筆記及考試題目)
Medium of Instruction:            Cantonese                (English handout & Exam available)
報名資格:                        1)     年滿18歲或以上 Age 18 or above
Requirements:                  2)     註冊青年足球領袖                                                                         
Registered Youth Football Leader                                                   OR
                                          Players and coaches recommended by Hong Kong 1st Division clubs OR
                                                (With recommendation letter or registration proof);
                                                Former/current 1st Division professional player or 
                                                Hong Knog Representative Team player Application     
(本次課程只接受青年足球領袖課程級別二[2A, 2B, 2C] 或以前證書之持有人報名)
課程費用:                                港幣 $ 3000.00元正       HKD $ 3000.00
Course Fee:                             (包括運動裝備:套裝一套、球衣、球褲及球襪兩套及有領上衣一件)
                                               (Fee Include: 1 set of tracksuit, 2 sets of jersey, shorts and socks and 1 polo shirt)
報名日期:                             2014年4月9日至4月16日
Application Period::                 9th April – 16th April 2014
1)       報名表格可於報名期間於本會領取(地址:九龍何文田佛光街55號 ),報名所需文件:
a.     課程費用-只接受劃線支票 (抬頭寫“The Hong Kong Football Association Limited”),本會於確定接納閣下之申請後方才過戶。*如支票未能兌現,本會將會收取申請人港幣$100之行政費用。
b.        近照1張
1. 40mm(闊)X 50mm(高)
2. 正面、半身、彩色、質素良好
3. 必須採用白色背景  
c.        身份證或護照副本
d.        青年足球領袖證書或Pre-D證書、E級或教練證書副本
e.        甲組球會推薦信註冊證明(如適用)
Please apply by collecting Application Form at HKFA office (Address: 55, Fat Kwong Street, Homantin, Kowloon.) during the application period, with the following documents:      
a.       Course fee - crossed cheque only (payable to “The Hong Kong Football Association Limited”), your account will be debited upon application being approved by the HKFA. *Please also be advised that any cheque payment that has been rejected will incur an addition HK$100 service charge.
b.       1 Recent photo
c.        Copy of HKID/Passport
d.       Youth Football Leader, E or Pre-D Licence Certificate Copy
e.        Recommendation letter OR registration proof from Hong Kong 1st Division Club (if applicable)
2)          若申請人不能親身前往足球總會報名,申請人可授權他人代為報名,其必須持有申請人之授權書及報名所須的文件,並祗可辦理一個申請。有關結果將於四月尾以書面通知所有申請者。
Applications could be made either in person or authorization letter to our office and one person can only make one application. The results of application will be notified by late-April 2014.
3)          若申請人所持報名資料不足或支票不能在預定日期兌現,本會有權將其申請當作棄權論而不會再作任何通知。
If applicant cannot provide sufficient documents or valid cheque within the application period, the HKFA reserves the authority to reject the application without prior notice. 
4)       報名一經接納,費用概不發還。
           Course fee paid is non-refundable upon the completion of application procedures.
5)  出席率達90%或以上、考試合格並完成實習之學員方合乎資格領導及安排15歲以下之青少年足球活動。
Participants who have 90% attendance, passed the examinations and completed practical coaching experience, are entitled to organize football activities for children aged under 15.
6)     如學員於理論或球例考試中未能取得合格,需接受本會安排之補考並繳交行政費,第一次補考費用為港幣$200,如未能合格者,第二次補考費用為港幣$500,兩次補考而未能合格者需重新報讀課程。場地考核不設補考。
If a participant failed the Theory or Laws of the Game exam, He/She have to attend a supplement exam and pay administrative fee of HK $200. If 2nd supplement exam is needed, the administrative fee will be HK$500 respectively. If a participant failed the 2nd supplement exam, he/she have to retake the course. There is no supplement exam for the practical assessment.
7)      合格之學員,必須於本會發出成績後之12個月內,提交30小時之教練實習證明,方可獲發證書。若學員未能於指定時間內完成實習,可以書面申請,經本會審批後而被接納之申請者將可逾期提交。
Upon receipt of the course result, the passed participant has to hand in proof of a total of 30 hours practical coaching within one year before a Certificate can be awarded. Should any participant need to extend the practical period; he/she has to submit a written notice to the HKFA for approval.
8)       參加者必需自行購買意外保險。
           All participants must arrange their own personal accident insurance.
9)       主辦機構保留修改章程的權利,參加者不得異議。
The organizer reserves the right of making any amendment in the course and the decision should be final.
* End *

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